I am no longer selling registrations, distributing the installation files, or providing support for Choir Keeper, AudioVideo Keeper and Recipe Keeper.

Thanks for you support of the applications over the last several years, but as newer and better software has evolved I no longer find it practical to continue to sell and support these applications.

If you are a current user of Choir Keeper, AudioVideo Keeper or Recipe Keeper and are moving the application to a new PC. If you still have the installation file run it on the new PC. Make sure the hidden files are allowed to be shown. Copy the Admin.sys file (if it exists, or it may be hidden) and any file with the .MDB extenstion to the new PC. You will also need to copy the PICS folder to the new PC. The system is probably compatible with Vista 32 bit systems, but will probably not install on Vista 64 bit as it has some 16 bit files in it. If you have lost the installation file I am sorry, but don't ask as it is no longer available.